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Shahriar Afkhami, Institute for Data Science Affiliated Faculty, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey, USA

G. Ambika, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IISER) Thiruvananthapuram, India

B. Ananthanarayan, Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India

Kurt H. Becker, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, New York, USA

Klaus Blaum, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany

Roberta Citro, Dipartimento di Fisica "E. R. Caianiello", Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy

Pere Colet, Instituto de Física Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (IFISC), Universitat Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Peter Hänggi, Fakultät für Physik, Universität Augsburg, Germany

Morten Hjorth-Jensen, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway

Baohua Ji, Institute of Biomechanics and Applications, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Jürgen Kurths, Potsdam Institut für Klimaforschung, Germany

Franck Lépine, Institut Lumiere Matiere, Villeurbanne, France

Jingting Luo, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Thin Films and Applications, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China

Denis Machon, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Norbert Marwan, Potsdam Institut für Klimaforschung, Germany

Len Pismen, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel

Yves Pomeau, Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Günter Reiter, Physikalisches Institut, Universität Freiburg, Germany

Helmut Schiessel, Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB), Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Didier Sornette, Department of Management, Technology and Economics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Eric Suraud, Laboratoire de Physique Quantique, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Manuel G. Velarde, Instituto Pluridisciplinar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

John G. Weisend II, Lund University, Sweden

Managing Editors
Sandrine Karpe and Vijala Kiruvanayagam (EDP Sciences) and Sabine Lehr (Springer-Verlag)
Dear Sabine and Isabelle,
Thank you so much for all your help and excellent work you did on the EPJ ST volume "Nonlinear Dynamics of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems: Unraveling Complexity". This was a great experience and collaboration.

Alexander Neiman (on behalf of the guest editors), Ohio University, Athens, USA
Editor EPJ Special Topics 222/10, 2013

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