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The Dynamics of the Covid-19 Pandemic - Nonlinear Approaches on the Modelling, Prediction and Control

Trends in Recurrence Analysis of Dynamical Systems

Recurrence plot analysis of heart rate variability in end-stage renal disease treated twice-weekly by hemodialysis with or without intradialytic hypotension p. 1

DOI: 10.1140/epjs/s11734-022-00682-8

Novel Memristor and Memristor-Based Applications

Engineered Materials: Micro-Nano-Structure, Properties and Applications

Physics of Animal Navigation

Collective Behavior of Nonlinear Dynamical Oscillators

Non-Equilibrium Systems and Foundations of Quantum Physics

Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Soft Matter Interaction

Recent Advancements in Composite Materials and Structures for Energy applications

Ultrafast Phenomena from attosecond to picosecond timescales: theory and experiments

Brain Physiology Meets Complex Systems

Lattice Supersymmetry and Holography

ESSνSB Conceptual Design Report: Discovery and measurement of leptonic CP violation using an intensive neutrino Super Beam generated with the exceptionally powerful ESS linear accelerator. Editors: Tord Ekelöf, Marcos Dracos, Mamad Eshraqi, Ben Folsom, Maja Olvegård, Eric Baussan, Piotr Cupiał, Budimir Kliček, Alexander Burgman, Nick Gazis, Enrique Fernandez-Martinez

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Dear Sabine and Isabelle,
Thank you so much for all your help and excellent work you did on the EPJ ST volume "Nonlinear Dynamics of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems: Unraveling Complexity". This was a great experience and collaboration.

Alexander Neiman (on behalf of the guest editors), Ohio University, Athens, USA
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