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EPJ B Special issue dedicated to the Volker Heine Award

EPJ B, in partnership with the Ψk conference, is honoured to introduce this monthly issue with five articles written by the finalists of the Volker Heine Award 2015.

The Ψk conference is the foremost event in the field of electronic structure and computation in condensed matter, and the Volker Heine award is one of its highlights. Being intended for young researchers, the award aims at helping their career by exposing their work in a prestigious international conference, and adding a modest point to their Curriculum Vitae.

Out of 36 applications, 5 finalists were short-listed. These are the articles published in EPJB:

- Marco Bernardi (winner)
First-principles dynamics of electrons and phonons

- Fabio Caruso and Feliciano Giustino
The GW plus cumulant method and plasmonic polarons: application to the homogeneous electron gas

- Ion Errea
Approaching the strongly anharmonic limit with ab initio calculations of materials’ vibrational properties – a colloquium

- Johanna I. Fuks
Time-dependent density functional theory for charge-transfer dynamics: review of the causes of failure and success

- Felix Hummel, Thomas Gruber and Andreas Grüneis
A many-electron perturbation theory study of the hexagonal boron nitride bilayer system

The special issue covers the fascinating areas of research that are moving forward through the efforts of these young researchers. To get a brief overview on the history of the award, make sure to check the editorial written by Angel Rubio, Risto Nieminen and Volker Heine.

Managing Editors
Anne Ruimy and Vijala Kiruvanayagam (EDP Sciences) and Sabine Lehr (Springer-Verlag)
Dear Sabine and Isabelle,
Thank you so much for all your help and excellent work you did on the EPJ ST volume "Nonlinear Dynamics of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems: Unraveling Complexity". This was a great experience and collaboration.

Alexander Neiman (on behalf of the guest editors), Ohio University, Athens, USA
Editor EPJ Special Topics 222/10, 2013

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